SHUUUUUUUSH! Its the Secret Diary of a Student Bum!

Hello my name is Carrot and I am a student bum.

I've been a student bum ever since I can remember, approximately since September 2002. Although I can't be sure as the excessive alcohol consumption which comes with the responsibility of being a student has addled my already confused mind and fragile mental state.

I'm studying for a degree in Medical Biochemistry ( evidence of an unhinged mind if ever there was any!) and am going into my second year in September. Before then and Now though I have 3 months off and very little to do....which is not all that different to term time really except that instead of doing not very much at university, i'm doing very little at home instead and under closer scrutiny from elders.

As a wise man once said ( Spiderman) with great power comes great I have no responsibilites, I have no power at all. Therefore, inorder to obtain a little bit of power I've decided to bradcast my life as a student bum.

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Above is a delightful calendar charting the archives of this blog. Its an insight into another time...when old people could wander the streets without fear from attack and tomatoes tasted like they are supposed to. I f you like what I wrote today its highly likely you'll like what I wrote yesterday so have a gander!

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An insight into a time when this bum was a little bit more motivated! A bit like a support group for all you people who claim that your favourite social commentator of all time is Aldous Huxley when really its Boyd Hilton. Because there are bad people in the world who won't let some pop groups get beyond the difficult second single, let alone the difficult second album. The University of Leicester Newspapers official site. I've had a couple of articels published on here. Type in Donnelly into the search bit and voila! Journalistic ineptitude at your finger tips!

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Thanks to this little slice of pop perfection its party time all the time in the studentbum house! With no song longer than four minutes its perfect for those, like myself with the attention span of clobbered to death goldfish!

Last year I an unearthed a long forgotten time of day in this Bums life, breakfast time and with it the marvel that is Weeto's. See the genius of this product is that not only do they turn the milk chocolatey, but they also have a hole in the middle that contains no fat, so really they are actually pretty good for you!

Its been a cold, lonely summer a wise man once sang (Jason Donovan, I salute you) and he was certainly right about the weather but since I bought the Spaced series one and two DVD boxset its been alot less lonely. I'd like to say thats because all my hip, young and cool London chums have been coming round to watch it with me but that would be a lie. Basically I put it on and pretend they're my friends.....well all them except Brian.

Hmmmm, I'm having a bit of a Manics renaisance at the moment and I've just remebered how much I fancied this smurf like character. Its funny what a couple of listens to jaunty little numbers like " Archives of Pain", "Despair to Where?" and the upbeat "Of Walking Abortion" can do to a girl. Swooooon!

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Monday, March 14, 2005
Knock knock! Who cares?

I'm so unmotivated at the moment. I've been trying to type up this section of my disseratation all day and so far I can only manage to summon momentum to write up approximately 50 words at a time. Then I sort of zone out until my attention suddenly snaps back to what it should be focusing on I realise its about 45 minutes later and I've still got loads to do. I've calculated that this means I'm averaging approximately 1.11 words every minute which is quite frankly appalling progress. I reckon I'd probably write more if stuck a pencil between my butt cheeks and just waggled it in the vague direction of the computer keyboard at this rate.

But before I start feeling like a big old failure lets just have a few moments of respectful applause for what I've managed to achieve over the course of the past weekend. Not only have I completed all the tutorial work thats due for this coming week but I've also finished my breast cancer essay (a landmark piece of scientific literature as its the first essay I've ever completed more than 45 minutes before its due to be handed in) the hand in date for which is 4 O'clock on Thursday and I've managed to piss off my housemates Wideload and Newby!  The last of these things is quite an achievement considering I've not actually seen either of them for about the last 2 weeks (bad dreams aside).

I'm not actually sure what I've done, but I have a sneaky suspicion it may have something to do with me drinking a bottle and a half of red wine on Friday night, locking the front door, falling into a drink induced coma and not knowing the two of them had gone out and so when they came back they couldn't get in. They knocked on the door, they rang my phone and even tried throwing things at my bedroom window to get me to come down and let them in but I couldn't be stirred. It was only the next day when Essex told me that she had to go and let them in that I knew anything about it.
Whoops! Honestly though its really not my fault. Recently Wideload and Newby have stopped talking to everyone in our house apart from eachother and at a push they'll talk to me if they want something, in this case letting into the house. Usually they don't go out at the same time, therefore when one of them goes out, if the front door gets locked, the other one can open it and let them in. Unfortuntely on Friday, they went out together and because nobody knew they were out, they got locked out. The result of this being they were forced to acknowledge the presence of Essex and apparently they weren't happy about that.  

Photographic evidence of a conversation in progress. Look and learn Newby and Wideload, its really not that difficult.

I've hardly spent much time in my house the last few weeks so whats prompted their mute behaviour is beyond my comprehension of thought or my ability to care. I didn't lock them out deliberately but if they want to stop things like Friday night happening again they should just come out and say what their problem is. Otherwise, I'm predicting a lot more late night door knocking for them if they're not careful.    

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